Why people reject Christianity

I have found that there are basically three reasons why people reject christianity (or call themselves Christian, but are in reality just cultural Christians).  All of these reasons have to do with understanding.

  1. People do not understand themselves –People think that they are basically good. They cannot see that they deserve Hell.  They think that their good deeds should outweigh their bad, or they think that their “not as bad as other people”.  They do not see themselves as criminals, but more as victims of their circumstances.  Even if they have done bad things, it’s not their fault, it’s always someone else’s fault.  If a man is caught molesting children and it they find out that he was molested as a child, then his bad behavior is not his fault, he is emotionally damaged and cannot be held responsible for his own actions.
  2. People do not understand christianity –Oprah said that she does not believe that there is only one way to God.  She revealed that she does not understand what christianity is.  Every other “religion” seeks to get right with God through their own efforts; either by doing good or not something really bad.  That is called works righteousness, and it is self righteousness, and will fall WAY short on judgment day.  Christianity is being reconciled to God, not a path you choose to go down. Oprah chose to be a Christian, but did you know that you can’t choose to be a Christian, you can only be MADE a Christian by God? (Psa 3:8)
  3. People do not understand God — I run into a lot of people who say, “well if I am sorry for my sins, God will forgive me”.  So I ask them if that would work in a Earthly court.  If they had done something really bad, would the judge just say, “Awww, you said you were sorry, go on home.” To that they reply, “Well, that is here on Earth, God is a lot different.  He isn’t a judge.”  They have a idea of a god who is only love, forgiveness, and mercy, but they miss the other attributes of God which tell us he is a jealous God, full of anger at sin, wrathful and vengeful against the ungodly.  A God of justice who will in no way overlook sin.  I wonder where they get these people get these watery ideas of God from?  Could it be our modern day, lukewarm presentation of God?  Hmmmm… i wonder…

The 10 Commandments shows us the very nature of God himself.  These are not just good ideas, they are who God is.  They also show us why christianity is the only way to God, and finally it reveals to us just how much we measure up to a holy God.  That is precisely why we need to keep the Law of God in our pulpits, in our thoughts, and in our evangelism.


Oprah tells everyone in this clip that Christianity is just a “choice”.

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  1. “That is precisely why we need to keep the Law of God in our pulpits, in our thoughts, and in our evangelism.”


    How can we offer the ‘cure’ for sin if people don’t believe that they are ‘sick’? We need to expose them to God’s standard (10 Commandments) and after recognizing their ‘sickness’ we can give the amazing ‘cure’ of the Gospel.

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