I sin but I am not THAT bad!

I have a very close relative that admits that she has “sinned” in the past, but does not believe that she deserves Hell for the things that she has done. She thinks that her sins are just little mistakes that God is going to overlook. She has not done anything that bad that would send her to Hell. Oh, buy the way she calls herself a Christian.electrichalo

She supports her position by reminding me that the Bible was “written by men”, and she does not believe everything that is in that book because men make mistakes. Which is a perfect excuse for her to never read it.

This is ALL too common. Many of the professing Christians I talk with think they are good enough to get into heaven. That is why you cannot take someone’s word when they say they are a Christian, even if they admit that they are a sinner. They might have a radically different definition for what a sinner is than what the Scriptures teach. If this is the case, then there is a problem.

Now, this very well may be a communication problem, because humans are extremely complicated creatures. So I have started using a couple of questions to try and cut to the heart of the matter. If I feel that someone is trying to justify their sin, or thinks that they are a good person, I will probably use the questions below.

  • Do you think that you deserve Hell? –This one is kinda harsh and straight forward, but it does sober people up pretty quick! Sometimes I soften it up a little by asking, “What do you think you deserve, Heaven or Hell?”
  • Would you say that your heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked? (Jer 17:9)   –A Christian is someone who has seen his true state before a Holy God. This question can tell me a lot about a person.

Christ said that many will seek to enter in and will not be able (Lk 13:24). If you are going to be a witness for Christ, you need to understand that the greatest deception does not come from outside the church –atheism, post modernism, etc… it comes from within the church (or more accurately, the professing church). If the devil can get people to think they are already Christians, then that is much move effective than fighting them tooth and nail.


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