Never heard the name of Jesus

I want you to think about this statement and then think about why it totally drives me crazy! “People go to Hell because they have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior”. So what happens to those who never get the opportunity to even hear the name of Jesus?

Now think about this… If you had to jump from an airplane at 20,000ft without a parachute what happen? The law of gravity would take effect and you would plummet to your death. Did the parachute kill you? What if you had never even heard of a parachute before, would that alter the law of gravity? No? If you violate the law of gravity, you suffer the consequences. In fact, it’s the parachute saves you from that law.

In the same way, if you violate the law of God (His 10 commandments), you must be held accountable. The bible says that God has given everyone a conscience. The world conscience means “with knowledge”. You know it is wrong to lie, steal, hate, have sex out side of marriage, commit adultery… and yet we do them with full knowledge of what we are doing. The Bible calls this the law of sin and death. Jesus Christ is the parachute that saves us from that law. The Bible even tells us to “put on the Lord Jesus Christ” (Rom 13:14).

People go to Hell because they are guilty of breaking Gods laws- NOT because they don’t accept Christ. If someone never hears of Jesus, they will be alright as long as they have not violated God’s laws, but if they have, then they have done it WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE. That is why Scripture says that the whole world is guilty before God. Ya know what I mean?


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