Have you no wish for others to be saved?

The Prince of Preachers

The Prince of Preachers

I was talking with a friend on my porch one weekend about the series I was going through called “Way of the Master“, and I asked him if he felt any obligation to reach out to those who are perishing and going to Hell; to which he responded- “no”.

So I said, “Imagine you died and you standing before the gates of heaven, about to enter in, and you see you friends and family being cast into Hell for their sins. You had the knowledge of everlasting life, if you would have spoken up, they might have turned and repented. How would you feel? Wouldn’t that be horrible?”

Then he replied, “There will be no tears in heaven.”

The only thing I could think of at that moment were the words of Charles Spurgeon when he wrote, “Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you are not saved yourself. Be sure of that.” Ouch… I will repeat that.

Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you are not saved yourself. Be sure of that.

Jesus Christ came to seek and save that which is lost. If he lives within you, then his burden will be your burden. His passion will be reflected in your life.


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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen who read this blog. I am a personal friend of Danny. I have seen him witness on many occasions. I have stood in awe of his boldness for Christ. I am inspired by him and his willingness to put it on the line for Jesus. And yes, he has a wish for others/ all to be saved. May God continue to bless his ministry.

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