Why is Granger preaching a Social Gospel?

Do you know what the Social Gospel is? I have sometimes heard it called Liberation Theology. The current trend in this theology is that the poor and oppressed are in “Hell on earth” and Jesus will someday come and liberate them. If there is any talk about a literal place called Hell, it is often watered down and it is hard to see how someone could end up there.

Well, what does this have to do with Granger Community Church?

It seems the conservative community does not have very many good things to say about Granger and I have seen their numbers from the Reveal Survey that shows some pretty bad stats for a for a church that prides itself on “reaching” the unchurched. So I decided to watch some of their services for myself and make my own judgment. Here is what I knew to start off-

  • part of the Willow Creek Association
  • Entertainment type worship
  • 6th most influential church in America

They are currently going through a series called “Questions“. These topics that will show me exactly what I am looking for. The first teaching “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People” was pretty weak, but I was REALLY disappointed by the third week: “Why Would a Loving God Send Someone to Hell?”

There was no explanation of the perfect justice of God, but there was message about social justice. I was waiting for how to reconcile how a god of love could create a place of eternal punishment, but I got was “Hell on earth” and how Jesus is going to relieve the oppressed.

We need to care for the poor and downtrodden, but we need to do so while preaching the correct gospel. I don’t like speaking out against Granger, but I have a responsibility to be true to the Word of God as well as to be honest to whoever may read this blog.


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