Do we REALLY have a God shaped hole?

I was doing visitation a few months back and I was put on a team with the youth pastor. After confronting a false Christian on his own porch- in love I assure you! (i hate visitation, it scares me!) We started talking about what we believed.

I respect him a great deal, but he said something that has caused me to question some of the Christian language we use. He said that he believed that everyone had a God shaped hole in their heart that only God could fill. The thinking is that NOONE can be truly happy or satisfied until they come to Christ. Well, there are a lot of people out there that would say that is true- they had a “hole” that was filled by God.

But the problem is that there are just as many who would say they don’t have a hole, they are completely fulfilled. Look at Richard Dawkins, Dan Barker, Howard Stern, Bill Maher… these people are would say they are doing great without God. And to that those Christians would say, “Well, your not as happy as me!”

Something is wrong and I think I might have an answer.

It is not a hole that people have that God needs to fill- that is a man centered viewpoint -but people do have a God given conscience that tells us right from wrong. The Bible says that our conscience accuses us and I believe that burden pushes us to find some way to ease that guilt. That aligns with Scripture better. Some people sear their conscience, others throw works or false religions at it, and they effectively placate their guilt. They do anything to get around it, and it looks like their trying to “fill that hole” with other things, when in reality, they are fooling themselves into believing that they will not face justice.

It is not that Christians are happier or more fulfilled, it’s that the weight of their conscience has been lifted, they are forgiven. Their is no more threat of condemnation. One is a feel-good message, the other is forgiveness of sins.

St. Augustine was the first to suggest a God shaped hole

St. Augustine was the first to suggest a God shaped hole


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  1. “One is a feel-good message, the other is forgiveness of sins.” I like the way you put that.

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