Does Rick Warren equal bad theology?

Rick Warren is one popular pastor. People absolutely gush over him.  I have seen people applaud and cheer when he walked into the room. But as nice as the guy is, we must examine what he says within the context of Scripture. My last post contained a link to a Christmas sermon that really disappointed me, and a recent interview confirms my reluctance to follow Rick Warren as a leader or even a theologian.

Pastor Warren was asked to comment on the Reveal survey that exposed the utter failure of the Willow Creek “Seeker Sensitive” movement.

The biggest mistake that churches make is that they think that sermons will produce spiritual maturity.
–I think someone should have informed Jesus, that was how he discipled his followers.

Bill Hybels is one of the greatest preachers in History.
–If you wanted to know how much Pastor Warren bought into the Seeker movement, here’s your answer.

Jesus had a process from which he took people from no faith in Christ to deep disciple. The first public words of Jesus, what he says to his disciples, is he says “come and see”.  Now that is the entry point for faith. Come and see. What is the commitment level of come and see? Nothing. Just show up.Sit in the back, dont sing anything, don’t say anything, sacrifice anything- Jesus never left them there. From come and see he took them through consistent steps and all through the 3 1/2 years of ministry, he is turning up the heat and as they begin to follow him, he starts saying, now you’re my disciple if… and he re-defines the commitment. You’re my disciple if… you love one another. Right before the cross, he turns around to them and he says if you want to follow me, you’ve got to take up your cross deny yourself, and follow me. Now would you agree that there is a huge difference in commitment between come and see and come and die.

–The text does say come and see, but not as an entry point to faith, but to the question, “where do you live?”  The problem is that the entry point to faith IS death to self. Crucify the old man. Come broken, humble, poor in spirit crying out to God in repentance and faith. Jesus wasn’t re-defining the commitment, he was telling people what true commitment looks like.

Pastor Warren is not being true to the text, yet millions flock to his feet and hang on his words.  If you are one of those people, all I ask is that you study your Bible. Pray for discernment and wisdom.  And above all, do not take what I say, or anyone else, at face value, judge everything through the words of Scripture.


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