Where is our discernment? –NewSpring Church

Some friends of mine were so excited about an Anderson SC Church called NewSpring that was building a campus in the town I live in.  The kids  (im old enough to call them that now!) home from college raved about it and how biblical it was, so I decided to take a look for myself… all I can say is, it seems that there is very little discernment in the Christian community.

In an attempt to be relevant, secular songs regularly open what loosely looks like a worship service.  Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” opens the service. Is it me or does this look more like a concert than worship?

I guess Jesus dying for our sins just is not interesting enough.

So I got past the entertainment, and determined I was going to listen the message. I was going to focus on the preaching. Well I had come at the right time, a recent series they had boasted 800 people received Christ in ONE WEEK!  I could not wait to hear some good ol’ gospel coming from that stage.  Well I heard about the reality of Hell, but I never heard how someone would find themselves there.  I did hear about the importance of baptism and its true meaning… very good sermon, but no gospel.

Perry then said that his last message was going to a gospel presentation SO clear, that everyone would be able to understand it.  Well I started the message, and Perry said turn to Revelation 3:20- Uhhhh… The sermon was titled Knock, Knock….ARRGGGGG!! I posted about this earlier.

Ask Jesus into your heart??? THAT was his clear gospel message? Nothing about sin, except a passing phrase here or there.  There was one reference to leaving sin, but NOTHING about future judgment, NOTHING about dying to yourself, NO sorrow for sin.  He did say something about “what Jesus did on the cross” once, but it was a vague reference during his last anecdote.  His sermon was also filled with so much bad theology, that I could not keep up with it all.

800 people walking the isle does not mean that 800 got saved. If they went for the wrong reasons, then God will not save them.  I am amazed that there are people who think this kind of squishy gospel is ok.  Where has our discernment gone?


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