ask Jesus into your heart… NOT!!!

The modern day church is all about having people ask Jesus into their heart, or to say one of the other man-centered phrases I blogged on here.  The scripture that I find that most of these churches use (from churches like NewSpringCC) are from Rev 3:20 (behold, I stand at the door and knock…) which they mangle to try and pull some kind of salvation message out of it.

I have some other things that bother me about NewSpring, but I will address that in another post.  In my next post I will go after Rev 3:20 directly and let you know what John MacArthur has to say about that verse.

Asking Jesus into your heart does not save you.  Its not that easy.  In fact, did you know it is impossible for you to become a Christian?  Scripture says that you have to die to yourself, be totally broken and humble before God before He will save you, and you can’t do that by yourself.  The Bible says that there are none that seek after God.  But Jesus did say that what is impossible with man is possible with God.

The Biblical way to be saved is to look at your sins and let them crush you. Then, when you are broken and contrite, repent of your sins, forsake them and put your faith in the Jesus Christ; the one who took the suffering you deserve.  He rose from the grave and defeated death so that you could have everlasting life.


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